About Us

The Healthy Port Communities Coalition (HPCC)

Is a coalition of nonprofit, community-driven organizations that work to create a healthier Houston. Public Citizen and its partners founded the HPCC in 2011 with the goal of advocating for the health and well-being of communities along the Houston Ship Channel. Specifically, HPCC works toward environmental and economic justice for communities located near Port Houston and its freight pathways. The coalition includes community and environmental organizations: Air Alliance Houston, Achieving Community Tasks Successfully (ACTS), Coalition of Community Organizations (COCO), East Harris County Empowerment Council (EHCEC), Public Citizen, and Texas Health & Environmental Alliance (THEA).

HPCC advocates for healthy and prosperous Houston Ship Channel communities. We have worked to expand transparency at Port Houston, reduce pollution through zero emissions technology, and protect people’s health through protective standards and enforcement. HPCC recognizes the importance of an informed and active local community and we provide information and tools for local residents to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Strategic Priorities and Goals

Plan Drawing


  • Health & Safety: Advocate on behalf of Port communities so that people have a say in their lives and feel Safe.
    • Air Quality: Minimize emissions and air toxins that pose long-term public health risks and reduce chemical incidents.
      • Accountability: Increase transparency, accountability, and consequences for polluters. Ensure the development of a proactive emergency response to protect communities.
      House Gathering


      • Project 11 Houston Ship Channel Expansion Project
      • A Zero Emissions Future
      • Healthy Communities For All
      • Transparency and Community Involvement in Decision Making
      • Economic Benefit
      House Gathering

      Legislative Agenda

      • Economy
      • Energy & The Environment
      • Clean Air
      • Chemical Safety

      HPCC Members

      Creating a Healthier Houston by Preventing Pollution Before It Happens

      We can join together to ask our city officials and representatives to reduce pollution and congestion by 50% over the next 20 years, to create a disaster and toxic risk reduction plan, and zero emissions trucks, engines, and marine vessels.